2010 Adventures

Robert and Abigail LaSala [October 31st 2010]

No Tumbleweeds This Time
Nancy Stern-Jude [October 11th 2010]

Emily's Parade
Gary Cox [September 27th 2010]

9-25-10 Golden Aspen Ride
Mark Castleman [September 25th 2010]

Last Chance Aspen ride this Tuesday Sept 28 Fairplay to Breckenridge
Gary Messick [September 25th 2010]

Day Ride Thursday Sept 16th ; to see the Aspens
Gary Messick [September 16th 2010]

Rod & Carol Yeager [September 15th 2010]

Royal Gorge/Skyline Ride
Nancy Stern-Jude [September 13th 2010]

Trail Ridge Ride 9/4/10
Charles & Susan Eckhardt Chandler [September 6th 2010]

2010 - Six Pack Event
Gary Cox [August 25th 2010]

Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks 2010
Charles & Susan Eckhardt Chandler [August 21st 2010]

Great Day Ride Breakfast @CrackerBarrel Colo Sprgs Thursday Aug. 5
Gary Messick [August 5th 2010]

WET/WILD 1000 mile ADVENTURE July 28-31; Panonia-DuRANGO-Gunnison
Gary Messick [August 1st 2010]

1000 Miles Colorado Cruzin Denver to Durango
Charles & Susan Eckhardt Chandler [August 1st 2010]

National Ice Cream Ride Is Cool!
Nancy Stern-Jude [July 20th 2010]

Palmer Lake Adventure Sunday July 11
Gary Messick [July 19th 2010]

07-17-2010 Manitou Springs Ride
Lynn Van Eperen [July 18th 2010]

BuckSnort restaurant ride Friday July 2
Gary Messick [July 2nd 2010]

Let's Get Lost with Fluffy didn't
Nancy Stern-Jude [June 30th 2010]

10th Annual Scavenger Hunt
Nancy Stern-Jude [June 29th 2010]

Rod & Carol Yeager [June 28th 2010]

Woming Oregon Trail Ride overniter
Judy Rogers [June 23rd 2010]

Ride to Lunch Tue. 22nd 2010
Rod & Carol Yeager [June 22nd 2010]

Another GREAT Mid-wwek ride
Gary Messick [June 16th 2010]

mid week ride June 9; If you worked I'm sorry you missed a GOOD ONE
Gary Messick [June 9th 2010]

2010_05_23 Bruce's Bar ride
Judy Rogers [May 30th 2010]

Deckers FUN RUN -Another Messick Adventure; fun had by all
Gary Messick [May 23rd 2010]

5-16-2010 Canyon Blaster Ride
Lynn Van Eperen [May 17th 2010]

Carter Lake - May 8, 2010
Robert and Abigail LaSala [May 10th 2010]

5-8-2010 Carter Lake Ride
Lynn Van Eperen [May 8th 2010]

Fort Vasquez, April 17, 2010
Robert and Abigail LaSala [May 3rd 2010]

Wednesday High Plains Ride
Rod & Carol Yeager [April 29th 2010]

Wednesday Lunch 4/14/10
Rod & Carol Yeager [April 15th 2010]

CC Riders Kick Off Party is a SUCCESS!
Nancy Stern-Jude [April 8th 2010]

Rod & Carol Yeager [April 1st 2010]

2nd Annual St. Patricks Day Ride
Rod & Carol Yeager [March 17th 2010]

Biker Bowling is a BLAST!
Nancy Stern-Jude [March 2nd 2010]

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