High Altitude Member Roster for the year 2007

Member Address Is a Member Year Earned Event
Rick BowserParker, COY20075 Passes 10K+ Elevation
Dennis ErwinCentennial, COY20075 Passes 10K+ Elevation
Larry FautCastle Rock, COY20075 Passes 10K+ Elevation
Michelle C. HerdtCastle Rock, COY20075 Passes 10K+ Elevation
Gary MessickLittleton, COY20075 Passes 10K+ Elevation
David OlsonBroomfield, COY20075 Passes 10K+ Elevation
Clissy AndersonGolden, COY2007Mt. Evans
Rick BowserParker, COY2007Mt. Evans
Tim ClarkGolden, COY2007Mt. Evans
Gary CoxBenbrook, TexasY2007Mt. Evans
Ed DeeringDenver, COY2007Mt. Evans
Kelly DeeringDenver, COY2007Mt. Evans
Dennis ErwinCentennial, COY2007Mt. Evans
Doug JacksonLongmont, COY2007Mt. Evans
Joe JohnsonLakewood, COY2007Mt. Evans
Rick BowserParker, COY2007Pikes Peak
Dennis ErwinCentennial, COY2007Pikes Peak
Ron ProvenAurora, COY2007Pikes Peak
Richard & Bonnie AndertonLarkspur, COY20076 Pack Event
Rick BowserParker, COY20076 Pack Event
Len & Evelyn ChildersAurora, CoY20076 Pack Event
Len & Evelyn ChildersAurora, CoY20076 Pack Event
Gary CoxBenbrook, TexasY20076 Pack Event
Ed DeeringDenver, COY20076 Pack Event
Kelly DeeringDenver, COY20076 Pack Event
Keith GrayParker, COY20076 Pack Event
Michelle C. HerdtCastle Rock, COY20076 Pack Event
Doug JacksonLongmont, COY20076 Pack Event
Joe JohnsonLakewood, COY20076 Pack Event
Gary MessickLittleton, COY20076 Pack Event
Dave MikelsonCentennial, COY20076 Pack Event

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