High Altitude Member Roster for the year 2006

Member Address Is a Member Year Earned Event
Mark CastlemanWestminster, COY20065 Passes 10K+ Elevation
Gary CoxBenbrook, TexasY20065 Passes 10K+ Elevation
Dave MikelsonCentennial, COY20065 Passes 10K+ Elevation
Lynn Van EperenWestminster, COY20065 Passes 10K+ Elevation
Mark CastlemanWestminster, COY2006Mt. Evans
Gary MessickLittleton, COY2006Mt. Evans
Ron ProvenAurora, COY2006Mt. Evans
Lynn Van EperenWestminster, COY2006Mt. Evans
Gary MessickLittleton, COY2006Pikes Peak
Lynn Van EperenWestminster, COY2006Pikes Peak
Rod & Carol YeagerParker, COY2006Pikes Peak

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