High Altitude Member (HAM)

HAM Badge
2011 High Altitude Member Roster
2010 High Altitude Member Roster
2009 High Altitude Member Roster
2008 High Altitude Member Roster
2007 High Altitude Member Roster
2006 High Altitude Member Roster
  • The requirements to become a HAM:
    • Successfully complete one or more of the following to qualify for the big HAM patch and that adventure's rocker:
      • Ride over five (5) different passes each over 10,000 ft. in elevation
      • Ride over ten (10) different passes each over 10,000 ft. in elevation
      • Ride to the top of any mountain in an excess of 14,000 feet
      • Ride to the top of Pikes Peak
      • Ride to the top of Mt.Evans
      • Join the club for our annual 6 Pack Ride (check the event calendar for date and time), non-members are welcome to join CC Riders on any ride
      • Ride over Trail Ridge Road. The 3 passes (Milner, Fall River & Iceberg) on that stretch of road count towards the 5 and 10
    • Costs:
      • Big HAM patch $10.00 for CC Riders members or $15.00 for non-members.
      • Rockers are available for $3.00 each to commerate which adventures you completed each year.
    • Provide proof:
      1. Take a picture of yourself and your motorcycle next to each designated sign(s) listing the elevation.
      2. Submit money, photographs and HAM Membership application/liability release form to:
        CC Riders (HAM)
        C/O Rick Bowser
        11425 S. Fountain Hills Street
        Parker, CO. 80138
        or bring to the monthly club meeting.
    • One ride season is equal to one calendar year. In Colorado access to Pikes Peak and Mt. Evans is limited to the months of May through September.
    • For questions contact HAM Master